Convert Flash to GIF

SWF to GIF Animator is a free software that allows you to convert SWF to GIF (Flash files to animated GIF). Now you can put animated GIF on your website instead of using the big flash movies (not always supported by browsers).

Easy and Fast Converting SWF to GIF
During the conversion process, SWF to GIF Converter can retain the effect of SWF movie intact and provide the multi-level selection of the GIF quality to adapt to different purpose. SWF to GIF converter allows to change output GIF size, color depth, frame rate, dithering method etc. The software uses the most innovative decoding technology, it doesn't only convert SWF movies which contain multiple frames, it is able to convert repeated, complex SWF files and the files containing a single frame (in a concept of Flash).
Convert Flash to GIF
Understanding GIF Animation Files
GIF files are small, simple, and support animation as well as the Flash format. That's why GIFs are so popular. Website owners often use Flash because they want to display some animation (e.g. selling items). But there are many potential problems with the flash: compatibility, huge size, bad indexing by search engine robots (they don't like Flash). The SWF to GIF Animator solves these problems by converting Flash to GIF.

You just need to open SWF file (click "Open SWF" button), then adjust output GIF settings, and finally click "Convert to GIF" button. The program will do the rest.

About SWF and GIF
SWF (Small Web Format) is the multimedia format of Macromedia Flash (Macromedia's animation design software). SWF supports vector and pixel graphics, SWF files can contain animations or applets of varying degrees of interactivity and function. It is widely used in web design, animation production and other fields at present. SWF files can be generated within several Adobe products: Flash Flex Builder.

GIF format (Graphics Interchange Format). There are two kind of GIF format: animated GIF and static GIF. Animated GIF is divided onto multiple frames with the delay between these frames. It supports transparency, the file size of GIF is small. GIF images are compressed with the Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) lossless data compression technique to reduce the file size without degrading the visual quality. In the last analysis, GIF is still picture file format, so it’s very popular, even preponderating the SWF format, so we present our SWF to GIF Converter.

Flash to GIF Animator Key Features:
- Turn SWF to animated GIF (display animated GIF on your website instead of the hard flash movies).
- Work with ALL KIND of SWF files (including the movies with complex structure, with repeats, with a single frame. Other converters cannot convert such files).
- Set resolution, color depth, background color, dithering method for output file.
- Set quality of converting file.
- Set frame rate of GIF (frames record freqency).
- SWF playback with the integrated player.
- User-firendly interface, easy-to-use program.
- 100% freeware. No viruses, adware or malware.

Download SWF to GIF Animator now. Compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.